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What is Embroidery?

Express your brand, idea, or style with embroidery that’s detailed and refreshingly sophisticated. At 407 Printing, we can help you create even the most intricate and/or complex embroidery designs that look good, stand out, and last multiple lifetimes.


Why Choose Us?

Our computerized embroidery process is an industry first. We use a digitized capture technology and a precision-oriented fabrication process to create both the “fill”, “texture” and “detail” that make for great embroidered pieces.

What embroidery can do

Whether as logos, monograms, or artworks, embroidered pieces are a fantastic way to showcase your brand, idea, or style. Embroidery works great as the perfect design complement for workwear, bespoke fashion items, and general clothing pieces


Awesome Works!

Take a look at the awesome prints produced with DTG

Our Prices

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