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What is DTG Printing?

The Direct to Garment printing process allows you to directly print high-definition digital images onto T-shirts and other clothing materials. Direct to Garment or DTG printing utilizes cutting edge technology to reproduce detailed design with accuracy at a cost-effective price point.


Why Choose Us?

Fast and easy

Cutting edge technology in the DTG printing process guarantees lightning-fast production and fabrication on even the most extensive printing orders.

Quality prints out at a fraction of the price

Even with a tight budget, you get prints that come out with outstanding accuracy, exceptional consistency, and intricate detailing. It’s a trifecta of printing excellence at an unmatched price point.

Direct to Garment case applications.

Our DTG printing process is an easy and cost-effective way to take your favorite designs or images and put them up on clothing pieces. And, with our mass production capability, it’s a system you can count on to turn out top quality design prints in short production times for personal, retail, or commercial use.


Advantages of DTG Printing

Below are some Advantages of DTG Printing.

Photo Quality Printing

We can print any design that you desire with no limits on color. You Can have one or one thousand colors in your image for one solid price.

Vibrant Full Color Prints

We use the two-pass printing method for both white and colored garments for making vibrant prints that last.

Prints Dont Crack Or Peel

Specially formulated innobella inks provide a bolder, flexible, wider range of color resulting in prints that don’t crack or peel

Prints Are Stretchable

Because the prints are printed directly onto the fabric, they can stretch any way that the fabric stretches.

No Minimum Orders

This is perfect for small orders and orders fewer than 50, but whether it’s one or one hundred, DTG printing can handle them both.

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Sizes Printing

Awesome Works!

Take a look at the awesome prints produced with DTG

Our Prices

White shirts & Dark Shirts (To be added to the price of the shirt- Found Below)